Your Pet’s Nutrition

Pet nutrition and diets have become a hot topic recently, but can be confusing to pet owners at times due to an overload of information. The best way to become knowledgeable about pet nutrition is to seek guidance from a veterinary professional. Unlike breeders and pet store employees, the veterinarians at Brentwood Veterinary Clinic are trained in the scientific basis of pet food diets. They are happy to make recommendations and have a conversation about what diet would be best for your pet. Also, Pet Health Network has some great articles on dog diet & nutrition .  The World Small Animal Veterinary Association has created several articles on how to navigate pet nutrition on the internet.

One of the most popular topics in pet nutrition right now is grain free diets. This most likely stemmed from the number of people who are currently eating gluten free diet themselves. When in reality, less than 0.05% of dogs have a true grain allergy. Another myth is that grains not digestible by the domestic dog, when in reality dog are capable of gaining large amounts of energy from grains. Corn gluten is highly digestible and does not cause any allergies in the 0.05% of dogs that are gluten intolerant. Please click here to find out more information on grain free diets for pets. The veterinarians at Brentwood Veterinary Clinic are happy to discuss current topics in nutrition and which diet is best for your pet.

Many pets require special prescription diets for a variety of conditions.  Brentwood Veterinary Clinic carries  prescriptions diets from Hill’s Pet Nutrition and Royal Canin.  We also have the ability to order prescription diets from Purina.  In addition to the food we carry in-stock, prescription food can also be ordered from our online pharmacy, ​Vets First Choice.